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Ten questions to ask your doctor


Have you decided to take on a clinical consult?

Here are ten questions you need to ask your doctor, in case you are considering an implant as the best way to relieve your pain.


1 • Is there any other option to ease my pain aside of an implant?
2 • How much will the pain decrease by placing an implant?
3 • How does the process develop?
4 • How is the post-surgery?
5 • Which are the possible risks or complications in this type of surgery?
6 • How much time will I have to remain in the hospital before and after the surgery?
7 • Does my health care cover my expenses?
8 • After the surgery, will I keep on seeing my head doctor for the post-surgery treatment?
9 • What implants brand/manufacturer do you recommend me? Why?
10 • In case I decide to take on surgery, will it be you the one to perform it? How often do you make this kind of operations?