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Information the professional may ask of you


Being prepared to answer some possible questions your doctor may ask of you is a good idea:


• Where is the pain located? (Knee, shoulder, hips) Do you feel pain in more than one joint?
• How long ago did you first start feeling pain?
• Do you have any idea what might have caused it?
• Has the pain increased recently? Is it more severe? Does it occur more often? Do both happen?
• Does pain increase when practicing some kind of sport or special activity? When you are resting? Does it at night?
• Which activity intensifies the pain? (I.e. walking, standing, carrying heavy weight)
• How or when does the pain decrease? (I.e. resting the joints, meditating)
• Are you currently taking any medications to relieve the pain? (If so, it is advised to list such medicines)
• Do you limp because of the pain? If so, do you use crutches or something of the sort?
• How much walking can you withstand with crutches? How much without them?
• Can you climb a ladder without any help? Do you need to take it slow and careful?
• Just how much physically active are you? (Advised to carry along any clinical history and background on studies or diseases)